Malaysia Veterinary Medical Association (MAVMA) is a professional association for all the registered veterinary surgeons under the Malaysian Veterinary Council. The association is also opened to veterinary scientists as associate members, veterinary students and other veterinary related associations can be affiliated to MAVMA. This association was registered on 23rd January 1989 under the Society Act 1966.


Veterinarian is a profession of distinction for the well-being of the society


To provide better benefits to the members and affiliates by strengthening the profession involvement in international and local, private and government agencies, bodies and companies.

Objectives of Association under the Constitution :

  • 1.  To promote, maintain and protect the status and interests of the veterinary profession.
  • 2.  To attain the highest values and integrity of the veterinary profession.
  • 3.  To improve and expand the knowledge of veterinary and allied sciences in Malaysia.
  • 4.  To establish and enhance smart partnerships and strategic alliances with other professional bodies.
  • 5.  To support and contribute towards the Nation’s vision.