How to be a member

  1. What are the benefits to become a MAVMA member?

    MAVMA members will be entitled to all benefits and privileges of our association.

    • Professional Publications & Scientific Information

      MAVMA membership includes a subscription to the Jurnal Veterinar Malaysia (JVM). Membership also provides full access to the educational and knowledge resources on the MAVMA website, including information on issues that affect you every day, such as Veterinary Drug Registration, Continuing Professional Development and wellbeing.

    • Networking opportunity

      MAVMA members can participate in activities and special seminar sessions organized by MAVMA at reduced fees and it is an opportunity to connect and reconnect with your friends and colleagues.

    • Make Your Voice Heard

      Member input guides MAVMA’s development of policies, guidelines, and products.

    • Support for the Veterinary Profession

      As a MAVMA member, you know that you are supporting your veterinary colleagues and the profession through advocacy and public outreach. MAVMA’s advocacy work includes monitoring legislation, regulation, and the business environment; mitigating actions that could adversely affect veterinarians' ability to deliver services; and leading coalitions that amplify the veterinary voice.


  2. Type of membership

    1. Ordinary Membership

      Shall Be opened to registered veterinarians that resides in Malaysia.

    2. Life Membership

      Shall be opened to ordinary members who have been active for 5 (five) consecutive years in the Association and good standing of annual subscription fees.

    3. Student Membership

      Shall be opened to students pursuing a degree in veterinary medicine and allied sciences with the written consent from the Dean of the School/Faculty of the university concerned, and such membership shall cease on termination of their studies.

    4. Associate Membership ‚Äč shall be open to:
      • Any veterinarians who are not resident in Malaysia
      • Members of foreign national veterinary associations
      • Scientists and related professional members who could contribute to the development of the veterinary profession
    5. Honorary Members

      Shall be elected at Annual or Extraordinary Genaral Meetings on the recommendation of the Committte. Honarary Members are elected at a General Meeting on the recommendation of the Committee. Honorary membership may be conferred to a distinguished person who are involved in public service or who have rendered meritorious service to the veterinary or allied professions or to the Association.

    6. Fellow Membership

      May be conferred veterinarians who are members of the Association, who have contributed excellent service to the Association and may be nominated by the Committee. A sub-committee shall be appointed by the Committee to recommend members as Fellow nominees. Through a secret voting by the Committee, the nominees with majority votes shall be elected as Fellows.

    7. Affiliate members of MAVMA

      The Association may also consist of Affiliate membership:

      Any Veterinary Association, Corporate Association, Corporation or Institute of Sciences are eligible to become Affiliate Members of the Malaysian Veterinary Medical Association.

      Application to become an affiliate member shall be made in writing to the Committee of the Malayisan Veterinary Association.


  3. Membership Fees

    The subscriptions shall become due and payable on 1st January of each year without any notice from the Association and shall become an undischarged due to the Association on the 30th April o fthe same year.

    The membership fees shall be as follows: -

    Entrance fee

    RM100.00 for Ordinary and Associate membership only.

    Subscription fee
    1. Ordinary members shall pay RM100.00 per annum

    2. Associate members shall pay RM100.00 per annum.

    3. Student members shall pay RM50.00 per annum.

    4. Affiliate members shall pay RM5.00 (Five Ringgit Malaysia) for each member per annum or RM1,000.00 (One Thousand Ringgit Malaysia) per annum companies and institutions. Corporate affiliate shall pay RM2000.00 (Two Thousand Ringgit Malaysia).

    5. Life members shall pay a lump sum of RM1,000. An exemption of RM 500.00 shall be given to any ordinary member aged at least 55 years who has been active 5 (five) consecutive years in the Association and good standing of annual subscription fees.

    6. Honorary members are exempted from paying any entrance fee or subscription fees.

    7. Fellows members are exempted from annual subscription fees.

    8. Any ordinary member who has been active for 20 (twenty) consecutive years in the Association shall be exempted from paying annual subscription and entitled for life membership.


  4. How do I submit the membership application?

    All application must be completed by using the online membership system.

    Please click here to apply
    MAVMA Membership Application

    Note: Supporting document required for membership application

    • Ordinary Membership
      1. IC / Passport (PDF/Image)
      2. MVC Certificate (PDF)
    • Associate Membership
      1. IC / Passport (PDF/Image)
      2. Relevant Qualification certificate (PDF)
    • Student Membership
      1. IC / Passport (PDF/Image)
      2. Offer Letter from University

    Application for Life Membership please contact us via email. Only ordinary member who is active for a minimum of 5 years (without arrears) will be eligible to apply.

    Your application will be discussed in the MAVMA Exco meeting for approval and endorsement.

    Should you require any assistance please feel free to contact us.


  5. Membership Application Process

    Step 1: Membership Application (Create an account)

    Step 2: Fill in the details and upload required documentation

    Step 3: Receive an acknowledgement email

    Step 4: Wait for membership application to be approved

    Step 5: Receive email notification after membership has been approved

    Step 6: Proceed to make the payment via the membership portal

    Your membership will be activated once the payment has been made.


  6. How do I make the payment?

    All payment must be made via the membership portal. If you having any difficulty to make online payment, please feel free to contact us.

    Please login to membership portal to review the renewal / outstanding payment.


  7. How long should I wait for a response after submitting the membership application form?

    Please allow at least 14 working days to receive a response from us. If it is an urgent case or if you do not get any response, please contact MAVMA office at +6012-6127101 or email to

    Note for New Member

    One month is the normal cycle of MAVMA EXCO Meeting in which all new applications are presented, discussed, approved, seconded and endorsed. The Hon Sec should be able to send the receipt and the starter kit materials as stated above quickly provided everything is in order. Otherwise, a letter or an email will be sent to inform the applicant of their application status and whatever further action or document required.


  8. For existing MAVMA members – How do I check your membership status?

    Please forward your enquiry by email to MAVMA Honorary Secretary


  9. MAVMA Refund Policy

    • Any payment made for membership registration, membership subscription and CPD application is not refundable

    • If any duplicated payment happens, it is refundable. Please contact us to further assistance.

    • Any payment for seminar/ annual conference is refundable if the event is cancelled by the organizer.

    • If the participant is unable to attend the seminar/conference, you are encouraged to find a replacement to attend the event on your behalf. However, if there is no replacement, you should inform the organizer at least five (5) days before any seminar or fourteen (14) days before annual conference for a refund (terms and conditions apply)

  10. Terms & Conditions

    • Please make sure you have read and understand the payment, refund and cancellation policy.

    • All the information that you have filled in to the system are securely stored. Detailed privacy policy is available on the website. (Click here to read more